Honda Civic CRX Del Sol D12B D13B D14A D15B D16A D16B ZC SOHC Cylinder Head Gasket

Honda P01 Cylinder Head Gasket
Honda P01 Cylinder Head Gasket
Item# 12251-P01-004
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Product Description

This is a sale for a brand new genuine 86-95 Honda Civic CRX Del Sol D12B1 D13B1 D13B2 D14A1 D15B D15B1 D15B2 D15B3 D15B4 D15B6 D15B7 D15B8 D16A D16A6 D16A7 D16B D16Z2 ZC SOHC Cylinder Head Gasket from Honda Motors, Japan. It is a unique 4-layer thick metal cylinder head gasket which is able to replace the PM5 graphafoil version in use. Please email us for your application if uncertain.

Genuine Honda multi-layer metal cylinder head gaskets are physically stamped with the middle part number immediately followed by a unique production serial number.

Note: If the cylinder head gasket is purchased with other items, please email us for actual shipping cost before payment, indicating your basket of items. Thanks.


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