Honda Acura Distributor Igniter Ignition Control Module ICM

Honda P06 P12 Ignition Control Module ICM
Honda P06 P12 Ignition Control Module ICM
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Product Description

This is a sale for a brand new genuine Honda Acura OBD0 OBD1 OBD2 Hitachi Model E12-303 xxxx (xxxx denotes the unique 4-alphanumeric production serial code etched on each ICM) Igniter Control Module from Honda Motors, Hitachi Japan. This igniter control module comes with the heat sink assembly. It can be installed on many Honda, Acura OBD0, OBD1 and OBD2 Distributors, VTEC or non-VTEC. The applications are very wide. Please e-mail us when uncertain and make your own checks regarding your application.

Buyers need to check the fitment to the heat sink holding bracket on their distributors. Other brands new igniter control module are available including NEC/Elesys & OKI, subject to availability. To prevent premature failures, it is important to fit the igniter control module properly so as to ensure proper heat transfer and prevent excessive vibration.

The obvious symptom of a faulty igniter control module is after several futile attempts to start the engine and prolonged cranking, Check Engine light turns on. With the service connector jumped, CODE 15 is indicated. It is highly likely a fault relating with the ignition output signal/igniter module. (It may take about 20 seconds of cranking to set off the code)

A faulty igniter module also gives the same hot hard starting symptoms as a faulty main relay. The difference is that for the igniter module, the fuel pump can be heard working after the ignition is turned on, simultaneously the check engine light lights up for about 2 seconds. The other symptoms includes erratic movement of the tachometer needle when the engine is operating and sudden stalling of the engine.

Potential buyers are to make sure the other sub-systems or ECU are working well before making their own conclusions.

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