Honda Prelude Accord F20B H22A H22Z DOHC VTEC Timing Belt

Honda P13 Timing Belt
Honda P13 Timing Belt
Item# 14400-P13-014
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Product Description

This is a sale for a brand new genuine 92-02 Honda Prelude Accord F20B H22A H22A1 H22A2 H22A3 H22A4 H22A5 H22A6 H22A7 H22A8 H22Z1 H22Z2 DOHC VTEC 155YU24 Timing Belt from Honda Motors, Japan. It will fit F20B & all H22A H22Z series DOHC VTEC motors including Honda Prelude Type S H22A H22A6 H22Z2 & Honda Accord CF4 SiR SiR-T CL1 Euro R H22A H22A7 H22A8.

14400-P13-004 has been officially superceded by 14400-P13-014


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