96-00 Honda Civic 3-wire Idle Air Control Valve

Honda P2A Valve Set Rotary Air Control
Honda P2A Valve Set Rotary Air Control
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Product Description

This is a sale for a brand new genuine 96-00 Honda Civic 3-wire Idle Air Control Valve IACV or Electronic Air Control Valve EACV from Honda Motors, Japan. It is officially termed as Valve Set Rotary Air Control, made by Denso in Japan. It also includes a new elaborate O-ring. It can be easily installed on several 96-00 Honda Civic OBD2 D-series throttle bodies, VTEC or non-VTEC, manual transmission or automatic transmission. It is installed below (horizontal draft-type) or at the side (vertical draft-type) of the throttle body. Please e-mail us when uncertain and make your own checks regarding your application.

This 3-wire Honda Acura IACV is a shutter type and controls air flow by moving a shutter over a opening. It also flows more air than the 2-wire IACV and therefore takes over the function of the separate fast idle thermo valve found in earlier models.

When Check Engine light is on. With the service connector jumped, CODE 14 is indicated, OR scan tool indicates DTC P0505 & P1509. It is highly likely a fault relating with the 3-wire IACV.

The 3-wire IACV is a component whereby when faulty is the most probable cause to most idle-linked problems. The problem can be symptomatic and may not even trigger the Check Engine light. The list goes:

  1. When cold fast idle out of spec (1,000 - 2,000 rpm)
  2. Rough idle
  3. When warm RPM too high
  4. Idle speed is below specified rpm (no load)
  5. Idle speed does not increase after initial start up
  6. On models with automatic transmission, the idle speed drops in gear
  7. Idle speed drops when air conditioner is ON
  8. Idle speed drops when steering wheel is turning
  9. Idle speed fluctuates with electrical load
  10. Frequent stalling while warming up
  11. Frequent stalling after warming up

Buyers are to make sure the other sub-systems or ECU are working well before making their own conclusions.

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