Honda Civic Integra B16B B18C Type R Lightened Intake Valves

Honda P73 Intake Valves
Honda P73 Intake Valves
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Product Description

This is a sale for 8 units of brand new genuine Honda Civic Integra B16B B18C Type R Lightened Intake Valve from Honda Motors, Japan.

B16B B18C Type R Intake Valves are same diameter as regular B-series valves but have distinct advantages in being 12% lighter in mass, with noticeably thinner valve stem from 5.5mm to 4.6mm, hence larger cone area and an improved contour for better air flow. Type R lightened intake valves are made so precise that their static balance differential is basically 0.0.

Fitment also includes B16A, B17A, B18C GSR. Excellent when installed with Type R or performance camshafts. Type R intake dual valve springs are recommended to be matched with Type R lightened intake valves for higher lift and rpm specifications. They are non-cylindrical, flat springs with increased rebounding power while their spring height are still near-stock. This will help to prevent valve-related problems past 8000 rpm such as surging, jumping, bouncing etc. If you require these springs, do enquire for stock availability. If you require less than eight units of these intake valves, do let us know.

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