Honda Acura Accord Civic CRX Del Sol CRV Integra Prelude Distributor O-Ring

Honda PA1 PC6 Distributor O-ring
Honda PA1 PC6 Distributor O-ring
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Product Description

This is a sale for a brand new genuine Honda Acura Distributor O-ring (26.4 x 3.1mm) from Honda Motors, Japan. This o-ring is to be installed around the fixed shaft of the rotating lugs of the distributor end, which is installed to meet the grooves of the camshaft end in the cylinder head. It will fit OBD0, OBD1 & OBD2 distributors, please e-mail us for your application if uncertain.

If you had noticed your transmission housing area below your distributor is soaked with black crud or engine oil, and find the area at the back of the distributor oily. You will most probably need a new distributor o-ring. Old distributor o-rings tend to harden or shrink after years of long use, when they do so, the engine oil from the cylinder head will leak past the o-ring, causing a mess and wasting precious oil. Replace that o-ring now and stop that leak.

Do not use normal rubber o-rings as these are run-of-the-mill rubber items which cannot take the heat from cylinder head and engine oil, they will usually deform or melt after first use.

Buyers are welcome to email me for installation instructions. Replacement difficulty is rated as easy, from only requiring a picking tool and a size 12 wrench and remembering where your spark plug cables went.

Note: Lower cost FedEx Envelope (up to 0.5-kg) shipping option available, please email us for shipping quotes.

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