Honda Civic CRX Del Sol Prelude B16A H22A DOHC VTEC Manifold Absolute Pressure MAP Sensor

Honda PR3 P13 MAP Sensor
Honda PR3 P13 MAP Sensor
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Product Description

This is a sale for a brand new genuine 89-95 Honda Civic CRX Del Sol SiR B16A 92-96 Honda Prelude Si VTEC H22A DOHC VTEC Manifold Absolute Pressure MAP Sensor from Honda Motors, Japan. This MAP sensor is to be mounted at the firewall of the engine bay and is connected via a 3-way joint and an air-hose to the throttle body. Besides VTEC applications, it will work with non-VTEC applications as well. Please make your own checks and email us when uncertain regarding your application.

The MAP Sensor converts manifold absolute pressure into electrical signals and inputs the ECU. If your CEL or Check Engine Light is ON and the blink code indicates 3 or 5, OR, scan tool indicates DTC P0108 &/or P0106 respectively, there is most likely a problem with the MAP Sensor. Code 3 indicates an electrical problem and Code 5 indicates a vacuum problem in the Manifold Absolute Pressure MAP Sensor System. The output voltage of the sensor decreases with increasing absolute manifold pressure. This enables it to relay to the ECU to adjust the amount of fuel to be expended. For example, before VTEC is engaged, the manifold absolute pressure surges with the increase in throttle and the corresponding electrical signal is relayed via the MAP sensor to the ECU to provide the most favorable air-fuel ratio for the best power output. The manifold absolute pressure or engine load reading is one of four pre-requisites for valve timing change condition or VTEC engagement.

Given the explanation above if the MAP Sensor has failed or is failing, it can cause a host of problems. Symptoms such as:

1) Difficulty of starting engine when cold.

2) Rough idle.

3) Misfire or rough running..

4) Failing emission test.

5) Loss of power.

Advice for CEL LED error code 5. Before making conclusions, check vacuum hoses, pipes and connections. Make sure all connectors are secure. Reset ECU and check again. If CEL code 5 appears, it means the MAP Sensor is not capable of holding vacuum anymore and must be replaced.

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