Honda Civic Integra LS GSR SiR SiR-G Type R B16A B16B B18B B18C DOHC VTEC Oil Pump

Honda PR3 PR4 Oil Pump
Honda PR3 PR4 Oil Pump
Item# 15100-PR4-A03
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Product Description

This is a sale for a brand new genuine JDM Honda Civic SiR Type R Integra LS GS GSR SiR-G Type R DOHC / DOHC VTEC Oil Pump from Honda Motors, Yamada Japan. This oil pump will fit 89-00 Honda Civic CRX SiR B16A Type R B16B, 92-95 EDM Honda Civic VTi B16A, 90-93 JDM Honda Integra XSi B16A, 92-93 Acura Integra GSR B17A, EDM Honda Civic 1.8 VTi B18C4, 90-95 Honda Acura Integra LS GS GSR B18A B18B B18C1, 94-01 JDM Honda Integra Si-V SiR-G B18C & 96-01 JDM Honda DC2 Type R B18C. Interested buyers please check your application and email us when uncertain.

JDM 94-01 Honda Integra part number catalogue show this part number for DC2 SiR-G B18C (JDM version of GSR yielding 180ps) and DC2 Type R B18C. USDM 98-01 DC2 Integra P72 oil pump has a provision to hold a crankshaft sensor which this oil pump does not have.

The oil pump includes the crankshaft seal.

The Honda part number 15100-PR4-A03 has superseded 15100-PR3-024


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