Honda Acura S2000 Integra DC5 DC2 RSX Accord CF4 CL1 Prelude Hub Wheel Bearing

Honda S47 Hub Wheel Bearing
Honda S47 Hub Wheel Bearing
Item# 44300-S47-008
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Product Description

This is a sale for a brand new genuine 00-09 Honda S2000, 02-06 Honda Acura Integra RSX DC5 Base IS GSR Type S Type R, 98-01 JDM Honda Integra DC2 Type R, 98-02 Honda Accord CF4 SiR-T CL1 Euro R, 97-01 Honda Prelude Hub Wheel Bearing from NTN, Japan. It will fit either front left or front right hand side. For S2000, it will also fit the rear left or rear right hand side. Interested buyers please enquire if uncertain of your application.

44300-S47-008 is interchangeable with 44300-S0A-003


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