Honda Acura 4-pin AC Power Relay Assembly

Honda SB2 Power Relay Assembly
Honda SB2 Power Relay Assembly
Item# 39795-SB2-003
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Product Description

This is a sale for a brand new genuine Honda SB2 Mitsuba RC-2201 4-pin Power Relay Assembly from Honda Motors. This power relay will fit a wide variety of Honda Acura AC applications.

To test the 4-pin power relay. First, the pins C & D must have continuity. Second, the pins A & B must have zero continuity. 12V is then applied between C & D and in turn pins A & B will exhibit continuity.

Normally when the AC power relay is failing and with the AC turned on, the idle will be high or bouncing as the AC signal is transmitted to the ECU to compensate for the supposedly operating AC condenser fan &/or compressor clutch. Buyers are advised to perform a prior check for loose or dirty connections.

Installation is simply plug-and-play with a sz.10 bolt wrench. Buyers may email us if uncertain of their application.

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